Kanye West to come out with new song "Believe What I Say."

The billionaire rapper has hinted about a new song to be released on social media.

Kanye West to come out with new song "Believe What I Say."

Kanye posted on Twitter a hint of his new music and shared a sample of his new song called "Believe What I Say." Recently Kanye has advocated for control of his masters and possibly a union for musicians to be treated properly. Could his new lyrics be pointing to more fairness in music? 

“You ask him to feel protected/ And still feel protected,” West raps on the song. “Just one time for the record/ Just one time for the record/

 Don’t agree with the message/ Don’t agree with the methods.”

Kanye has never been afraid to take issues head on, especially when it comes to his art. He commented, "Not putting no more music out till I’m done with my contract with Sony and Universal. I don’t want them to just fix my situation. I want this to be about fixing everyone’s situation.

"I will work to rip apart the structure we are attached to that pays people for music. We cannot have designed streaming, but not designed a new method of payment and

ownership around it where we all benefit.”

Kanye West hopes that he can influence the music industry to be more fair for all artists.