Jessica Simpson overcomes battle with alcohol and shares

Jessica shares her experience and overcomes challenges with alcohol for her kids.

Jessica Simpson overcomes battle with alcohol and shares

She told People magazine: "I am always open. I'm open about my insecurities and my flaws, and if I can help inspire anybody to feel better about themselves, that's why I'm here. I'm always out to empower women, empower people to feel better about themselves."

Meanwhile, Jessica previously revealed she believes that "confidence" comes with openness.

She said: "It's unbelievable - I can't even believe it. I seriously have been in complete shock. I don't even understand. I'm appreciative for sure. Honestly, I think people ... really just want to know why, when, how. I have really been quiet for the past 10 years ... It was time to really understand my entire life. The way people have been reacting to it is exactly how I would want my best friends to read it. It's very liberating to be open. With my openness comes confidence."

Jessica knows she has "flaws" and has made "mistakes" but she sees that as a very "humbling experience" rather than negatively.

She added: "We all have our flaws. We all have made mistakes. Leading with those mistakes and owning those flaws, is a very humbling experience. It puts you out there where you have nothing to hide ... There is so much life to live with clarity that is so much more impactful than to hide behind the darkness. I'm really just a normal, everyday girl that goes through the exact same things as everyone else. It's giving people courage themselves to open up."