Julian Kerins Erupts on the Rock Charts at #14

Out of nowhere Julian Kerins, Youtube Star and talented live performer, has progressively been moving up the charts with his latest single "Varlet".

Julian Kerins Erupts on the Rock Charts at #14
To say "Varlet" has been received well is an understatement. Kerins' new single climbed up the charts quickly from #69 to #14 with no record label. Julian Kerins is a phenomenon, someone that will be on Saturday Night Live soon. With Over 3,000 spins, this new radio single continues to climb up the charts worldwide. Julian is also in the top 200 in which he landed at #78. 
Julian's pulling ahead of the biggest of names in Rock from Ozzy, to Chris Cornell, Alter Bridge, Korn, Corey Taylor, Blink-182, Green Day, The 1975, System of a Down and even Rock legends AC/DC. Julian's meteoric rise up the charts shows that Alternative Rock is far from over. 
Kerins, a brilliant live performer, has captured the hearts of new listeners and radio DJs with his new single "Varlet". He has been on the charts for 4 weeks
consecutively. Julian's combination of complex writing with commericial appeal sets him apart to be a Rock legend. The fusion of his Jazz licks and Operatic vocals into Rock has listeners wanting
"I was floored to see we were climbing up the charts so quickly. It's humbling. I am grateful that I can share my music with you all and that it is being received with such fervor."
Like many other musicians, Julian has been prevented from touring due to COVID-19 and is focusing on his worldwide radio release. Julian has accumulated millions of views with multiple songs. Keep your eyes on the charts as the radio single “Varlet” will likely be hitting Billboard soon.
If you are interested in “Varlet” or other songs by Julian Kerins, they are all available on Julian’s YouTube channel and other platforms under his name.