How does your press release service promotion benefit me?

Our service can get your news in brand name news aggregators which may drive new listers to your music in addition it may end up in the hands of music industry professionals, podcasts, radio stations, concert promoters, music bloggers, radio dj's, dj's, managers, promoters and other industry professionals.

You will get a PDF report showing major brand news agency's where your press release landed thus showing you our results. In addition our website is Advertised on Television and other places online so people may also come from advertising we do.

Do you write the press release?

Yes we do! Although we will take whatever document you send our professional writers will rewrite your press release with the endgoal of getting your press release to the most outlets as possible.

What do I need after I pay for my press release?

You need to send us minimimally:
1.Title of the press release
2.What the press release should be about 
3.Some sort of biography or website the writer can look at
4.A professional picture of yourself, group or album cover. (The writer will use their discretion of finding the best picture if necessary)

What if I have a Explicit Warning Label on my album can I still promote it through eMusicRelease?

Unfortunately No. Because we use a high level of professional news outlets many of them reject this material so we do not promote an album that has an
a explicit lyric warning label.

Do we work with Independent Artists?
Yes we work with signed artists, unsigned artists, independent artists, and record labels.

Why should I pay for a press release?
The founders have been working in the professional music industry for over 20 years every artist whether signed, unsigned, independent has to promote
their album. Nothing Worthwhile is for free. We spend great efforts in getting your release out to major brand name sites.  

Can you also be my publicist?
Yes we do that for several artists. If you need a publicist please contact us.

Is it safe to Use my Credit Card on eMusicRelease?
Yes for ease of use and security we use paypal.