House of Peace's launches radio single "Love is Flame" worldwide on pop radio

Highly anticipated radio single “Love is a flame” has made it's way already in the top 100.

House of Peace's launches radio single "Love is Flame" worldwide on pop radio

House of Peace has made it's way up the pop charts within the first week of their new radio campaign. Only been launched a week, "Love is a Flame" is in the top 100 with over 2400 spins. 

“Love is a flame”, is from the full-length album Welcome to the river, and will be followed up with an Edm version of the song.  This new version will be released in the Spring of 2021, In addition to the EDM version a music video will be launched the end of January.

David Liscum, the band’s leader and producer of the whole album, recruited Sean Moffitt on the project to mix the song. Sean Moffit is known for his mixing work for artists like Lauren Daigle, Josh Groban and Zach Williams. The song has influences of Coldplay and Snow Patrol tied in with large strings arragements and beat that you can dance to.

"I love producing. This is one of my favorite songs to produce it was really fun and it was something that I always wanted to do"

The release of “My love” on secular radio was extremely successful, and Liscum thinks that this is the right time to drop “Love is a flame” as well. "Love is a Flame" has also been through a professional radio survey scoring in the high 90's out of a 100. 

"We kind of saved the best for last. We knew from the radio survey that the song would be received well. After we released My Love on secular radio last year it did much better than we anticipated so we really hoped and felt that "Love is a Flame" would hopefully even do better than "My Love". We are excited to see it in the top 100."

Songs from Welcome to the river have been featured in reality shows and TV commercials. This is not surprising, as some songs from that album feature the same characteristics mentioned above. 

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