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We have existing partnerships and relationships that will help us get your music and press release to media outlets in order to get your story published in the big leagues. Generate Massive awareness through your release which will allow A&R reps, music magazines, music podcasts, radio, and most importantly, potential new listeners.

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Sample Report - Page 1

Professional Press Release

This is s press release that is written by expereinced music journalists who have a track-record in landing brand name publication. Ourteam of music professionals and jorunalists will write a press release that's not just meant to reach the mainstream media but also catch listeners attention

TV Exposure

Because we advertise on Television we are already exposed to potential millions of people. Just like any amazing publication such as Rolling Stone, Billboard Magazine, or Entertainment Weekly who advertise their brand. We do the same. This increases your chance potential music lovers who might hear your music for the first time and fall in love with it!

Major Brand Name News Network 200+outlets‍

We send your press release to major brand name media and provide proof of publication in a PDF format. Your Press release has the potential of reaching outlets like NBC,CNBC, ABC, Fox and other brand name media.


In addition to being submitted to our main stream media professionals, we make sure your press releases gets into Google and Bing (MSN).


Your press release potentially has the opportunity of ending up in life changing hands through our network of music professionals. We have over 20 year firsthand experience with radio stations, DJ's, concert promoters, Grammy award producers, Grammy award engineers, record labels, touring artists, music distributors, film and tv licensors, and more.


We guarantee from day one of when we first send out your press release that it will be on name brand sites through our professional network of publications


We don't use voice prompts or robots. We communicate through email but also get on the phone if necessary to make sure we get it right. Real people work here. We will do everything we can to get you the best press release possible before we send it out.


Results are only as good as those documented. We show every major outlet that has picked up your release and send it to you in a PDF Format.You will see all of the major label outlets and sites that picked up your release.


You have done your part creating great music. Now sit back and let us do what we do best music promotion. We can't wait to hear the results of where yourpress release landed and the potential number of ears who can listen to your music..

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